Demobbed locations for West Sussex by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Amberley (1)0.75 miles SW of the village
Ashurst Area (1)0.5 miles W of the village
Balcombe (9)1.5 miles W of the village
Church Norton (1)8 miles S of Chichester
Crawley Technical college (1)Crawley town centre
East Grinstead (1)1.2 miles E of the town
Ford (1)1.5 miles W of Littlehampton
Goodwood (11)1.6 miles NE of Chichester
Haywards Heath (1)12 miles N of Brighton
Horsham - ASL (2)0.7 miles NE of the town centre
Old Hollow, Crawley (1)2 miles E of Crawley town centre
Parham Park (1)8.5 miles NNW of Worthing
Partridge Green - Maltings Barn (1)6 miles N of Shoreham
Pulborough area (2)9.6 miles NNW of Worthing
Shoreham Airfield (6)3.7 miles ENE of Worthing
Tangmere (17)2.6 miles ENE of Chichester
Uckfield (2)Within the vicinity
Woodmancote (8)2 miles SE of Henfield

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