Demobbed Aircraft by Wolverhampton Aviation Group
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Aerospatiale GazelleSingle engined light observation and general purpose helicopter
Aerospatiale PumaAnglo-French twin engined medium lift helicopter
Aerospatiale SA.330Anglo-French twin engined medium lift helicopter
Aerospatiale SA.341Anglo-French single engine light helicopter
Agusta A.109Italian made general purpose twin engined single rotor military helicopter
Agusta Bell SiouxItalian built version of Bell 47 Sioux for the AAC
AgustaWestland AW.139AgustaWestland designed medium sized twin-engined helicopter
AgustaWestland EH-101Three engined anti submarine and general purpose heavy helicopter
AgustaWestland MerlinAnglo Italian tactical heavy lift / maritime attack helicopter
AgustaWestland WildcatAW.159 development of the Westland Lynx
Airspeed HorsaWWII troop carrier glider
Airspeed OxfordPre war twin engined communications and transport aircraft
Army Balloon Factory BetaVery early airship design
AusterSTOL light observation aircraft used post war by the Army Air Corps
Avro 504The standard British training aircraft during World War I
Avro 707High speed delta wing research aircraft
Avro AnsonWorld War II Avro built twin engined light transport and reconnaissance aircraft
Avro AshtonAvro's jet engine research aircraft, based on Avro Tudor airliners
Avro LancasterClassic Avro designed WWII night bomber
Avro LincolnLong range heavy bomber based on Lancaster
Avro ShackletonLong range reconnaissance aircraft based on Avro Lancaster / Lincoln
Avro TutorRAF training aircraft used between the wars
Avro VulcanFour engined delta winged strategic bomber
Avro YorkWW2 transport aircraft based on Lancaster flying surfaces with a new fuselage
AW ArgosyArmstrong Whitworth 650, large high wing twin boom turboprop transport
AW MeteorNight fighter redesign of the Gloster Meteor
AW WhitleyArmstrong Whitworth bomber used until early in WWII
B-V ChinookAmerican Tandem rotor heavy lift transport helicopter
BAC 1-11Short haul jet airliner
BAC StrikemasterDevelopment of Jet Provost with underwing hard points for ground attack
BAC TSR-2Twin engined delta winged Strike bomber designed as Canberra replacement
BAC.221Fairey FD2 with revised concorde Ogee wing shape
BAe EAPSingle seat delta canard technology demonstrator
BAe HarrierLarger and much improved version of the classic VTOL ground attack aircraft
BAe HawkTandem seat jet trainer built by BAe
BAe Sea HarrierSingle engined VSTOL jet fighter based on Harrier with revised cockpit layout
BAE Systems NimrodVirtually new build upgrade maritime patrol and ISTAR platform
BAE Systems PhoenixUAV
BAe.125Hugely successful business jet
BAe.1464 jet STOL passenger transport
BAT BantamLight between the wars biplane
Beagle B206Twin engined 6 seat light aircraft
Beagle BassetMilitary version of Beagle 206
Beagle D5/180 HuskyHighwing monoplane spotter plane
Beagle TerrierHighwing monoplane spotter plane
Beech CochiseMilitary version of Beech 55 Baron twin engined four seat transport.
Beech ExpeditorMilitary version of Beech 18 twin engined transport
Beech King AirTwin turboprop T-tailed transport and training aircraft
Beech MentorBeech T-34, twin seat aircraft, used for training
Beech StaggerwingSingle engined bi-plane
Beech TravellerBeechcraft built trainer, based on the UC43
Bell 212Updated and enlarged version of the UH-1 powered by twin turboshaft engines
Bell AiracobraBell P-39 World War II fighter with tri-cycle undercarraige
Bell GriffinUK version of Bell 212 light transport and general utility helicopter
BH-7 WellingtonLarge general purpose transport Hovercraft
Blackburn BaffinDevelopment of the Blackburn Ripon
Blackburn BeverleyBlackburn's large high wing transport aircraft
Blackburn BuccaneerBlackburn post war low level strike attack aircraft
Blackburn SkuaNaval piston engined torpedo bomber
BleriotEarly French built aircraft
BN DefenderTwin engined multi role light utility aircraft
BN IslanderRugged twin engined light transport aircraft
Boeing ScanEagleSwept wing trials UAV aircraft
Boeing SentryBoeing AWACS aircraft based on B707 airliner
Boeing WashingtonRAF operated version of the B-29 Superfortress
Bombardier SentinelRAF J-STARS platform based on Bombadier business jet
BP BalliolBoulton Paul P.108 post war advanced trainer
BP DefiantBoulton Paul World War II heavy fighter
BP Sea Balliol1950's Naval 3 seat trainer powered by RR Merlin
BP.111Boulton Paul experimental delta wing research aircraft
Brewster BermudaBrewster SB2A World War II dive bomber
Bristol 170 FreighterHigh wing boxlike fuselage twin engine transport
Bristol 173Prototype 13 seat tandem rotor helicopter
Bristol 188High speed jet research aircraft
Bristol BeaufighterBristol's twin engined long range World War II fighter
Bristol BeaufortBristol's twin engined torpedo bomber
Bristol BelvedereBristol's large twin rotor transport helicopter
Bristol BlenheimBristol's long range twin engined light bomber
Bristol BrigandBristol built high speed twin engined light bomber
Bristol BritanniaBristol 175 large 4 propeller passenger aircraft
Bristol F.2World War I observation aircraft
Bristol FighterWorld War I fighter aircraft
Bristol M.1First World War British monoplane
Bristol SycamorePiston engined transport helicopter
BrunswickGerman built single seat high wing plane
Bucker BestmannBucker Bu.181 Luftwaffe liaison aircraft
Canadair SabreSwept wing jet powered day fighter
Cessna Bird DogTwo seat, single prop engined, high wing monoplane aircraft used for liaison and FAC, from 1950
Cessna CraneAT-17 Bobcat twin prop trainer
Cierva C.30Between the wars autogyro
Cody VBiplane from before WWI
Consolidated CatalinaWWII Twin engined high wing long range amphibian bomber/transport
Consolidated LiberatorAmerican four engined heavy bomber
Curtiss 'Jenny'Very early biplane
Curtiss KittyhawkSingle engined WWII day fighter
Curtiss TomahawkCurtiss built single seat WWII fighter
Curtiss WarhawkCurtis built WWII day fighter
Dassault-Dornier Alpha JetLight attack trainer
Desert HawkUnmanned aerial drone
Desford TrainerWooden twin engined trainer built after WWII
DH CometWorld's first large jet passenger transport
DH DevonDe Havilland twin prop passenger transport/communications aircraft
DH Dragon RapideDe Haviland light biplane transport evolved from DH84
DH HeronDe Havilland four prop passenger transport aircraft
DH Hornet MothPre war de Havilland four seat tourer biplane
DH JackarooFour seat development of Tiger Moth trainer
DH Leopard MothPre war de Havilland four seat tourer biplane
DH MosquitoAll wooden twin engined night/day fighter bomber
DH Moth MinorPre war De havilland tandem seat tourer biplane
DH Puss MothPre war de Havilland four seat tourer biplane
DH Queen BeePilotless target version of Tiger Moth biplane trainer
DH Sea DevonDe Havilland twin prop passenger transport aircraft as used by the Royal Navy
DH Sea HeronDe Havilland four prop passenger transport aircraft as used by the Royal Navy
DH Sea HornetAll wooden twin engined single seat fighter bomber optimised for use at sea
DH Sea VampireNavalised version of the de Havilland twin boom jet fighter
DH Sea VenomDesign development based on Venom family with radar
DH Sea VixenLarge twin engined twin boom naval fighter bomber
DH Tiger MothDe Havilland designed tandem seat biplane training aircraft
DH VampireDe Havilland twin boom single engined fighter / trainer
DH VenomDe Havilland twin boom single engined fighter with semiswept wing
DH.60De Havilland twin seat, biplane training aircraft, including Gipsy Moth
DH.84 DragonDe Havilland DH.84 light biplane transport
DH.88 CometDe Havilland high speed transport
DH.89 DominieDe Havilland military version of the Rapide light biplane transport
DH.9De Havilland World War I aircraft
DHC BeaverSTOL light transport, observation and communications aircraft
DHC ChipmunkDe Havilland Canada DHC-1 post war basic trainer
DHC OtterHigh wing monoplane single engined transport
Diamond Twin StarDiamond DA42 aerial survey aircraft
Douglas BostonWWII twin engined bomber
Douglas DakotaDouglas twin prop transport
Douglas SkymasterC-54 military version of the Douglas DC-4
Douglas SkyraiderDouglas built, carrier based aircraft from the end of WW2
E.P.9Rugged STOL high wing transport with rear loading hatch
EE CanberraEnglish Electric twin jet bomber
EE LightningTwin engined swept wing interceptor
EE P.1English Electric high speed development aircraft
Elbit Lydian 450Elbit produced UAV
EON EtonSingle seat primary glider built by Elliott's of Newbury (EON)(Rectangular shaped tailplane)
EoN OlympiaGlider
Eurocopter DauphinMedium sized SAR, and general purpose helicopter
Eurocopter SquirrelGeneral purpose transport / training helicopter
EurofighterTwin engined delta canard fighter
Eurofighter TyphoonTwin engined delta canard fighter
Fairchild ArgusFairchild UC-61 light communications and transport aircraft from World War II
Fairchild CornellPre war piston engined monoplane trainer
Fairey AlbacoreFairey produced, World War II carrier based reconnaissance biplane
Fairey BarracudaFairey and Boulton Paul produced carrier based torpedo bomber
Fairey BattleFairey built single engined bomber, outclassed by World War II
Fairey FD.2Delta winged high speed research aircraft
Fairey FireflyPostwar Naval fighter bomber
Fairey FulmarWWII naval torpedo bomber
Fairey GannetFairey antisubmarine and COD naval aircraft powered by AS twin mamba
Fairey RotodyneHeavy lift compound transport helicopter
Fairey SwordfishPiston engined naval biplane torpedo bomber
Fairey Ultra-LightLightweight helicopter powered by jet eflux from rotor tips
Fiat CR.42WWII radial engined biplane fighter
Fieseler Fi.156High wing Stol capable single engined transport
FMA PucaraArgentinian built twin turboprop ground attack aircraft
Folland GnatLightweight tandem seat swept wing jet trainer
Foster Wikner WickoTwo-seat high winged monoplane built for communication duties
GAF JindivikViper engined pilotless drone target aircraft
GAL HamilcarWWII Heavy lift glider transport
GAL HotspurWW2 transport glider
GAL.42 CygnetUnusual tricycle undercarriage light transport/trainer
General Atomics ReaperGeneral Atomics MQ-9 surveillance and attack UAV, based on an enlarged MQ-1 Predator with a much more powerful engine
Gloster E.28/39Britains first jet aircraft, low wing monoplane
Gloster GamecockSingle seat, biplane aircraft from 1924
Gloster GauntletSingle seat, single prop engined, biplane fighter, from 1934
Gloster GladiatorWWII radial engined biplane fighter
Gloster JavelinTwin engined delta winged day / night fighter
Gloster MeteorTwin jet engined fighter / night fighter
Gloster Sea GladiatorWWII radial engined biplane fighter
Grob VigilantComposite construction powered training glider
Grob VikingModern composite training glider
Grumman AvengerCarrier based World War II torpedo bomber built by Grumman
Grumman GooseSeven seat, twin engined high wing seaplane, from 1938
Grumman HellcatGrumman built naval day fighter
Grumman MartletGrumman built naval day fighter
Grumman WildcatGrumman built WWII carrier borne fighter
Grunau BabyGerman pre war training glider
Hawker AudaxA light observation biplane version of the Hawker Hart used between the wars
Hawker DemonInter war biplane fighter optimised for naval use one, of the Hind family
Hawker FuryLegendary interwar biplane Fighter designed by Sir Sydney Camm
Hawker HartSingle engined biplane day bomber of similar design to the Hind
Hawker HindClassic inter war biplane fighter bomber designed by Sir Sydney Camm
Hawker HunterClassic 50's Hawker designed sweptwing single engined fighter
Hawker HurricaneClassic Hawker built WWII Fighter / Fighter Bomber
Hawker KestrelIntermediate development batch of Harrier VSTOL Fighter
Hawker NimrodNaval single engined biplane fighter of similar design to the Fury
Hawker P.1052Swept wing prototype based on the P1040 seahawk
Hawker P.1121Unflown company demonstrator
Hawker P.1127Prototype version of Harrier VSTOL jet fighter
Hawker Sea FuryLarge radial engined low wing monoplane naval fighter
Hawker Sea HawkRoyal Navy's first jet engined fighter bomber
Hawker Sea HurricaneNavailised version of the classic Hawker built WWII Fighter
Hawker TempestWWII monoplane ground attack fighter bomber
Hawker TomtitTwo seat basic trainer and light sports aircraft
Hawker TyphoonSingle seat interceptor fighter and fighter bomber
HD.1Hovercraft built for trials evaluation
Heinkel He.162German WWII single engined jet fighter
HillerTwin seat piston engined training helicopter
Horten HoGerman WWII swept wing glider
HP HalifaxFour engined heavy bomber
HP HampdenTwin engined light duty bomber
HP HastingsFour engined heavy lift transport aircraft
HP VictorSwept wing 1950's nuclear bomber / tanker
HP.115Delta wing research aircraft built to investigate low speed handling
HP.39 GugnuncLate 1920's Handley Page biplane
HS AndoverTwin turboprop STOL transport aircraft produced by Hawker Siddeley
HS DominieMilitary version of HS.125 business jet
HS HarrierSingle engined VSTOL jet fighter bomber
HS NimrodMaritime patrol aircraft based on Comet airliner
HS P.11271965 development of the original Hawker P.1127 for the RAF
HS.125Classic de Havilland designed executive twin jet transport
HS.748Twin turboprop civil and military transport aircraft
HS.801Prototype for a maritime patrol aircraft based on Comet airliner
Humming BirdDe Havilland light aircraft built for Lymne trials
Hunting H.126Research aircraft built to investigate boundary layer control
Hunting Jet ProvostTwin seat single engined military trainer
Jet GyrodyneExperimental compound helicopter with rotors powered by Jet tip thrust
Junkers Ju.88WWII twin engined German day bomber
KittiwakeHome built twin seat light aircraft
Klemm SwallowTwo seat low wing light aircraft developed from German Klemm L.25
Lockheed HerculesFour engined turboprop heavy lift military transport
Lockheed HudsonWWII twin engined bomber / transport aircraft
Lockheed L12Twin prop, 6 seat passenger transport aircraft
Lockheed LodestarTwin engined civil transport aircraft
Lockheed Martin LightningLockheed Martin F-35, product of the Joint Strike Fighter competition
Lockheed NeptuneTwin engined maritime patrol aircraft
Lockheed TriStarTanker / Transport aircraft based on L-1011 civil airliner
Lockheed VenturaWWII anti submarine bomber based on Lockeed twin engined comercial transport
Martinsyde Buzzard F.4Single seat, UK built, single prop engined biplane fighter from 1917
McDD PhantomSwept wing tandem seat jet naval Fighter bomber
Messerschmitt Bf.108Messerschmitt 4 seat, single prop utility aircraft from 1934, also built by Nord as the N.1002 Pingouin
Messerschmitt Bf.109Messerschmitt World War II Luftwaffe single engined fighter
Messerschmitt Me.262Messerschmitt, twin jet engined fighter from 1944
Meteor Mirach 100/5Jet powered high speed target drone
Mil Mi-17Transport helicopter from the Mil Design Bureau, export version of the Mi-8 with upgraded engines, NATO code 'Hip'
Miles Hawk MajorPre war Miles low wing tandem seat aircraft
Miles Hawk TrainerPre war Miles low wing tandem seat aircraft built for the RAF
Miles M.100 StudentOne off swept wing jet trainer with seating for 4
Miles M.18Pre war Miles low wing communications aircraft
Miles MagisterWWII Miles low wing tandem seat trainer built for the RAF
Miles MartinetWWII radial engined target tug / trainer
Miles MessengerSingle engined wooden communications aircraft
Miles MohawkPre war Miles low wing tandem seat aircraft
Miles MonarchPre war Miles low wing aircraft
Miles Whitney StraightPre-war M-11A monoplane built by Miles Aircraft and impressed for the Royal Navy and RAF
ML UtilityPrototype light observation aircraft with an inflatable wing
Morane BBFrench built biplane fighter
NA HarvardRAF designation for the T-6 monoplane radial engined wartime basic trainer
NA MitchellTwin engined American day bomber
NA MustangNorth American P-51, single seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter from 1941
NA TrojanNorth American T-28, two seat, single prop engined trainer and light attack aircraft
NieuportSingle seat, French built, single prop engined biplane fighter
Northrop ChukarNorthrop BQM-74 drone target used by the Navy
Northrop ShelduckNorthrop MQM-36/KD2R-5 piston engined target drone
Panavia TornadoEuropean variable geometry ground attack and fighter aircraft
Percival GullPre war Percival touring aircraft
Percival PembrokeTwin engined, high wing communications / transport aircraft
Percival PrenticeSingle engined three seat basic trainer
Percival ProctorWWII Four seat single engined communications aircraft
Percival ProvostRadial engined low wing basic trainer
Percival Q6Twin prop passenger transport aircraft
Percival Sea PrinceTwin engined, high wing civil transport aircraft as used by Royal Navy
Pilatus PC-9Tandem seat turboprop training aircraft
Piper PA.31Piper Navajo Chieftan twin engined communications aircraft
PitcairnAmerican built biplane training aircraft
RAF BE.2WWI biplane day bomber
RAF RE.8WWI biplane observation arcraft
RAF SE.5WWI biplane fighter
SA BulldogScottish Aviation light trainer
SA JetstreamTurboprop military transport / training aircraft
SA PioneerRadial engined high wing STOL communications / transport aircraft
SA Twin PioneerRugged twin engined STOL high wing transport aircraft
Saro P.531Prototype twin seat naval patrol / attack helicopter
Saro SkeeterSARO designed piston engined light transport helicopter
Saro SRA.1Jet powered single seat flying boat fighter aircraft
Schempp-Hirth CirrusGlider
Schempp-Hirth KestrelSchempp-Hirth Janus two seat high performance glass fibre sailplane
Schleicher Ka.6Single seat enclosed cockpit high wing wooden low performance glider built by Schleicher in Germany
Schleicher ValiantSingle seat glass fibre T-tailed high performance sailplane built by Schleicher
Schleicher VanguardTwo-seat glass fibre T tailed training glider built by Schleicher
SEPECAT JaguarAnglo French ground attack aircraft
Short 184Single engined biplane observation seaplane
Short BelfastShorts built extremely large transport aircraft
Short FelixstoweTwin engine biplane seaplane from 1917
Short MATS-BTarget drone
Short SandringhamFour engined flying boat
Short SB.5Jet powered research aircraft built to explore the low speed handling of the Lightning
Short SC.1Single seat VSTOL research aircraft
Short SC.9Canberra PR9 converted for Red Top development
Short SolentLarge four engined passenger carrying seaplane
Short StirlingShort designed 4 engine heavy WWII bomber
Short SunderlandLong range four engined anti submarine flying boat
Short TucanoTandem seat turboprop training aircraft
Sikorsky HoverflyWWII Sikorsky built light transport helicopter
Sikorsky Sea KingSuccessful US built naval helicopter.
Sikorsky WhirlwindSikorsky built S-55 provided for UK service
SkyshipSemi rigid Airship designed for observation / passenger transport
Slingsby CadetSlingsby T.7 (TX1) and T.8 (TX2) single seat glider, T.31 (TX3) two-seat glider
Slingsby GrasshopperT.38 single seat primary glider built by Slingsby. (Triangular shaped tailplane)
Slingsby Gull T15Inovative Slingsby built glider
Slingsby PrefectSingle seat open cockpit high wing strutted wooden intermediate glider, built by Slingsby
Slingsby SedberghWooden twin seat training glider
Slingsby SwallowSingle seat enclosed cockpit low performance wooden glider built by Slingsby as the T.45
Slingsby T.34A SkySingle seat enclosed cockpit high wing wooden intermediate glider
Slingsby T.53BTandem two-seat metal training glider with a T-tail
Slingsby T.6 KiteSingle seat open cockpit gull winged strutted wooden pre-war design built by Slingsby
Slingsby VentureTwo seat side by side fabric covered motor glider built by Slingsby as the type T.61F
Sopwith BabyWWI Naval seaplane bomber
Sopwith CamelSopwith World War I fighter
Sopwith DolphinEarly twenties Sopwith designed naval fighter
Sopwith PupWWI Biplane fighter
Sopwith SnipeWWI Fighter designed as Camel successor
Sopwith TriplaneWWI RFC fighter with triple wing layout
SPAD VIIWWI French built, biplane fighter/reconnaissance aircraft
SPAD VIIIWWI biplane fighter
Spartan 7WWWII US Trainer aircraft
SR.53Experimental mixed fuel rocket / jet fighter built as part of SR177 programme
SR.N5 WardenHovercraft built for trials evaluation
SR.N6 WinchesterHovercraft built for Army trials evaluation
Stearman KaydetModel 75, two seat, single prop engined biplane trainer, also known as N1S, N2S, PT13, PT17
Stinson ReliantAmerican communications / transport aircraft
Sud Aviation AlouetteSud Aviation built light helicopter
Supermarine AttackerCarrier based single seat jet fighter produced by Supermarine
Supermarine S.6Schnieder trophy winning high speed seaplane
Supermarine ScimitarNaval twin engined swept wing fighter
Supermarine Sea OtterSingle engined biplane SAR seaplane
Supermarine SeafireNavalised Spitfire
Supermarine SouthamptonLarge biplane twin engined communication and transport seaplane
Supermarine SpitfireIconic RJ Mitchell designed WWII fighter
Supermarine SwiftSwept wing jet fighter developed as backup to Hawker Hunter
Supermarine WalrusSingle engined biplane SAR seaplane
Taylorcraft PlusHighwing monoplane spotter plane
Thrust Measuring RigFlying Bedstead thrust measuring rig powered by two RR Nene jet engines
Twin Squirrel AS.355Twin engined general purpose transport / training helicopter
Vickers ValettaTwin piston engined military transport aircraft derived from Wellington
Vickers ValiantSwept wing 1950's nuclear bomber / tanker
Vickers VarsityRAF navigation trainer based on Valetta
Vickers VC10Vickers 4 engined jet airliner converted for tanker / transport use
Vickers VikingCommercial version of Valetta transport
Vickers VimyThree seat, twin prop engined biplane heavy bomber, from 1917
Vickers Vincent1930's general purpose biplane optimised for use in the Midddle East
Vickers ViscountFour engined turboprop commercial passenger airliner
Vickers WellingtonWWII Bomber designed by Rex Pierson featuring an innovative geodetic structure
Vought CorsairWorld War II carrier based fighter
VS.510Experimental swept wing aircraft based on Attacker fuselage
Vultee VengeanceVultee built WWII naval dive bomber
WACO HadrianWaco CG-4A WWII assault glider
Wallis WA.116Autogyro designed by Wg Cmdr Ken Wallis
WatchkeeperThales development of the Elbit Hermes 450
Westland ApacheTandem seat attack helicopter
Westland DragonflyWestland built light helicopter
Westland LynxAnglo French Military attack / transport helicopter
Westland LysanderHigh wing monoplane STOL light transport aircraft
Westland PterodactylWestland built experimental tailless monoplane aircraft
Westland ScoutFour seat turboshaft powered army attack helicopter
Westland Sea KingMedium lift twin engined SAR helicopter
Westland Super LynxGrowth development of the Lynx helicopter
Westland WallaceTwo seat general purpose biplane used in expedition to fly over Mt Everest
Westland WaspSingle engined light anti submarine helicopter
Westland WessexWestland built version of S58
Westland WhirlwindWestland built version of S55
Westland WyvernSingle engined contra-propelled carrier-bourne aircraft built for the Royal Navy
Westland-Bell SiouxAAC operated version of Bell 47 light transport helicopter