Nympsfield, Gloucestershire
1 mile NNE of the village
51.715222, -2.282962

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
WB922 Slingsby Sedbergh TX1 BGA4366/JAU Private Jun 2020 History
WE992 Slingsby Prefect TX1 BGA2692/EHE Private Jun 2020 History
WZ818 Slingsby Grasshopper TX1 Composite with WZ783 Private Jul 2012 History
XA310 Slingsby Cadet TX3 BGA4963/KBP Private Jun 2020 History
ZA656 Slingsby Venture T2 G-BTWC Private May 2020 History
ZE525 Grob Viking T1 G-DEWR/BGA3015/EWR/P70 Private Jul 2022 History

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