Demobbed locations for Norfolk by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Bylaugh (2)4 miles NE of Dereham
Cantley area (3)9 miles ESE of Norwich
Coltishall (1)4 miles S of North Walsham
Diss (1)0.6 miles ESE of town centre
Fakenham area (1)Town in Norfolk
Felthorpe (3)1.7 miles E of Attlebridge
Forncett St. Peter (1)1.5 miles WNW of Long Stratton
Hardwick (3)4 miles ESE of Long Stratton
Kings Lynn (1)38 miles W of Norwich
Langham - Blue Tile Farm (1)7.5 miles NE of Fakenham
RAF Marham (4)7 miles W of Swaffham
Marham Aviation Heritage Centre (3)Next to RAF Marham main gate
Neatishead (4)RAF Neatishead Radar Museum
Norfolk Area (1)In the general area of the county
North Denes (1)1 mile N of Great Yarmouth
North Elmham (2)6 miles N of East Dereham
Norwich - County Hall (1)County Hall
Norwich - Museum (18)3 miles N of city centre
Norwich area (1)
Old Buckenham (6)2.4 miles SE of Attleborough
Seething (1)4.4 miles NNW of Bungay
Shipdham Airfield (1)5 miles SW of East Dereham
Shipdham Industrial Estate (3)On the SE side of the airfield
STANTA - East Wretham (2)6 miles N of Thetford
STANTA - Tottington (1)1.7 miles W of Thompson
Swaffham - ATC (1)0.3 miles NE of the town centre
Tattersett (1)4 miles W of Fakenham
Thetford area (3)Large town in the south of Norfolk
Thetford Paintball (1)5 miles NE of Thetford
Tibenham airfield (8)3.5 miles SW of Long Stratton
West Raynham (2)5.5 miles SW of Fakenham
West Walton Highway (1)2.5 miles NE of Wisbech
Weybourne (2)7.5 miles W of Cromer

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