Demobbed locations for Berkshire by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Berkshire (1)County in England
Bracknell area (1)11 miles to the east of Reading
East Garston (1)5.3 miles NNE of Hungerford
Greenham Common (1)1.5 miles SE of Newbury
Hampstead Marshall area (1)3.6 miles SW of Newbury
Hampstead Norrey (1)1.5 miles E of the village
Hungerford - Radley Farm (2)2.4 miles NE of Hungerford
Maidenhead (2)1 mile E of White Waltham airfield
Maidenhead Paintball (1)2 miles S of White Waltham
Membury (3)11 miles SE of Swindon
Three Mile Cross area, Wokingham (1)36 miles W of London
White Waltham (22)2.7 miles SW of Maidenhead
Woodley (6)3.4 miles E of Reading

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