HS Andover

XS597 HS Andover C1 9Q-CMJ Private Democratic Republic of Congo History
XS599 HS Andover C1 5Y-SFE Private Equatorial Guinea History
XS600 HS Andover C1 NZ7621 Museum, inside Wigram, New Zealand Mar 2014 History
XS602 HS Andover C1 3C-KKB Derelict Rumbek, South Sudan Nov 2005 History
XS603 HS Andover E3 EL-WCP Stored Liberia History
XS604 HS Andover C1 9Q-CDY G.I. Ranst, Belgium Sep 2017 History
XS608 HS Andover C1 (F) NZ7624 Fire Section Whenuapai, New Zealand Oct 2011 History
XS610 HS Andover E3 9Q-CVK Private Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo History
XS612 HS Andover C1 3D-MKX Private Swaziland History
XS613 HS Andover C1 9Q-COE Private Kenya History
XS639 HS Andover E3A Museum, inside RAF Cosford Museum Nov 2023 History
XS641 HS Andover C1(PR) Fuselage Stored, outside Elworth, Sandbach Feb 2020 History
XS643 HS Andover E3A Nose Private Bramcote Aug 2022 History
XS645 HS Andover C1 9Q-CVC Private Democratic Republic of Congo History
XS646 HS Andover C1 Nose JARTS MoD Boscombe Down Jul 2024 History
XS789 HS Andover CC2 9Q-CLL Private Lubumbashi-Luano, Democratic Republic of Congo History
XS790 HS Andover CC2 Nose Museum, inside Old Sarum - Museum May 2024 History
XS792 HS Andover CC2 9XR-AB Private Kenya History