Demobbed Overseas locations for California by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Atwater - Castle Museum (1)7.5 miles NW of Merced
Auburn (2)32 miles NE of Sacremento
Bakersfield - Kern County Airport (1)4 miles NW of Bakersfield
Bishop (1)88 miles NE of Fresno
Cable Airport (1)32 miles E of Los Angeles
Calaveras - Maury Rasmussen Field (1)55 miles SE of Sacramento
California area (3)
California City MAP (2)11 miles NE of Mojave
Camarillo - Ventura County MAP (2)5 miles E of Oxnard
Carmel Valley (1)13 miles SE of Monterey
Chino - Planes of Fame Museum (11)36 miles E of Los Angeles
Chino - Yanks Air Museum (3)36 miles E of Los Angeles
Chino Airfield (6)36 miles E of Los Angeles
Compton (1)9 miles NW of Long Beach
Edwards AFB (1)110 miles SSW of Corpus Christie
El Cajon (1)11 miles NE of San Diego
Eureka (1)97 miles W of Redding
Hayward Air Terminal (1)18 miles SE of San Francisco
Hemet - Ryan (1)26 miles SE of Riverside
Hollister (2)90 miles W of Fresno
Ione (1)33 miles SE of Sacremento
Lakeport (1)92 miles N of San Francisco
Lancaster - Fox Field Apt (2)47 miles N of Los Angeles
Livermore (2)25 miles NNE of San Jose
Lodi (1)33 miles SSE of Sacramento
Miramar - Museum (1)11 miles N of San Diego
Mojave Airport (3)1 mile E of Mojave
Newport Beach (1)22 miles SE of Long Beach
Oakland IAP (1)3.5 miles S of Oakland
Palm Desert (1)100 miles E of Los Angeles
Palm Springs Airport (2)E of Palm Spings town
Palo Alto (2)4.75 miles NE of Mountain View
Paso Robles - Museum (1)90 miles SW of Fresno
Ramona Museum (1)N side of Ramona Airport
Riverside - Flabob (1)14 miles SE of Ontario
Sacramento - McClellan Air Museum (1)Adjacent to McClellan Air Park, 8 miles NE of Sacramento centre
San Diego - Aerospace Museum (2)1 mile NW of downtown San Diego
San Diego - Brown Field (1)16 mile SE of San Diego
San Diego - Montgomery Field (1)6.8 miles N of San Diego
San Diego - USS Midway (1)San Diego waterfront
San Martin (1)23 miles SE of San Jose
Santa Monica Municipal Airport (2)14 miles W of Los Angeles
Santa Paula (1)52 miles NW of Los Angeles
Santa Rosa - museum (1)47 miles NNW of San Francisco
Santa Rosa - Sonoma County Airport (1)47 miles NNW of San Francisco
Schelleville - Sonoma Valley Airport (3)17 miles SE of Santa Rosa
Shafter (1)17 miles NW of Bakersfield
Stockton Metropolitan AP (1)5.5 miles SSE of Stockton
Torrance MAP (1)16 miles SW of Los Angeles
Vacaville - Nut Tree Airport (1)42 miles NE of Oakland
Van Nuys (1)13 miles N of Santa Monica

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