Kinloss - Morayvia, Moray, Scotland
0.5 miles S of the airfield
57.634004, -3.555275
Morayvia Sci-Tech Experience Project, North Road, Kinloss, Moray IV36 3YA
Other Details
Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
WJ721 EE Canberra TT18 (N) Museum Apr 2019 History
WM145 Gloster Meteor NF11 (N) Private Apr 2019 History
WN957 Hawker Hunter F5 (C) 7407M Museum Mar 2019 History
WP495 Westland Dragonfly HR5 LM-915 Preserved Apr 2019 History
WZ557 DH Vampire T11 Restoration Mar 2019 History
XD425 DH Vampire T11 (C), M Museum Mar 2019 History
XD875 Vickers Valiant BK1 (N), 7 Sqn marks Museum, outside Apr 2019 History
XH563 Avro Vulcan B2(MRR) (N) Private Apr 2019 History
XJ723 Westland Whirlwind HAR10 Museum, restoration Mar 2019 History
XM169 EE Lightning F1A (N), 23 Sqn marks Museum, restoration Apr 2019 History
XN351 Saro Skeeter AOP12 Museum Jun 2019 History
XN607 Hunting Jet Provost T3 (N) Museum, stored Mar 2019 History
XR447 Northrop Shelduck D1 Preserved Aug 2018 History
XR528 Westland Wessex HC2 DD Museum, restoration Mar 2019 History
XS176 Hunting Jet Provost T4 (N) Museum Mar 2019 History
XT466 Westland Wessex HU5 28 Museum, outside Apr 2019 History
XV240 HS Nimrod MR2 (F) 40 Museum Apr 2019 History
XV867 Blackburn Buccaneer S2B (N) Museum, restoration Mar 2019 History
XZ113 SEPECAT Jaguar GR3A FD, 41 Sqn marks Museum Apr 2019 History
XZ592 Westland Sea King HAR3 H Museum Mar 2019 History
ZH821 AgustaWestland Merlin HM1 Museum Jun 2019 History

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