RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset
4 miles N of Yeovil
51.00571488, -2.645454

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
LS326 Fairey Swordfish II L2 RNHF Aug 2016 History
NF389 Fairey Swordfish III D RNHF Aug 2016  
VF552 Auster AOP6 G-ASZE Private Aug 2016 History
VR930 Hawker Sea Fury FB11 Q-110 RNHF Oct 2017  
W5856 Fairey Swordfish IV 4A RNHF Oct 2017  
WK520 DHC Chipmunk T10 Wears '1377', G-BARS Private Oct 2017 History
WK608 DHC Chipmunk T10 906 RNHF Aug 2016 History
WV911 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4 C-115 Dumped Oct 2017 History
XF690 Percival Provost T1 G-MOOS Private Jun 2015 History
XP924 DH Sea Vixen D3 E-134, 899 NAS marks Fly Navy Heritage Trust Aug 2016 History
XS513 Westland Wessex HU5 Dumped Oct 2017 History
XT458 Westland Wessex HU5 VL-P Preserved, on base Oct 2017 History
XV586 McDD Phantom FG1 R-010, 892 NAS marks Preserved Aug 2016 History
XW630 HS Harrier GR3 Dumped Oct 2017 History
XW784 Kittiwake Mk.1 VL Private Jun 2015 History
XW890 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 Preserved Aug 2016 History
XZ257 Westland Lynx HAS3S Cabin only G.I. Jun 2015 History
XZ670 Westland Lynx AH7 A Preserved, gate guard Oct 2017 History
XZ674 Westland Lynx AH7 T Dumped Oct 2017 History
XZ719 Westland Lynx HMA8SRU 64 Dumped Oct 2017 History
XZ728 Westland Lynx HMA8 AW-326 Preserved, gate guard Oct 2017 History
XZ736 Westland Lynx HMA8SRU Instructional with 815 NAS Instructional Mar 2017 History
ZA934 Aerospatiale Puma HC1 BZ FSAIU Jun 2015 History
ZB604 HS Harrier T8 722 Preserved Jun 2015 History
ZD578 BAe Sea Harrier F/A2 000, 122, 800/801 NAS marks Preserved, gate guard Oct 2017 History
ZH800 BAe Sea Harrier F/A2 001, wears 'ZH801', 801 NAS marks Preserved Aug 2016 History
ZH801 BAe Sea Harrier F/A2 123, wears 'ZH800', 800 NAS marks Preserved Aug 2016 History

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