Sywell, Northamptonshire
6.8 miles NE of Northampton
52.301654, -0.787313

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
EM726 DH Tiger Moth G-ANDE On rebuild Apr 2017 History
EN224 Supermarine Spitfire FXIII G-FXII Rebuild Mar 2016  
JN768 Hawker Tempest V G-TMPV On rebuild Dec 2017 History
K4254 DH Tiger Moth G-APVT On rebuild Jan 2018  
KF650 NA Harvard IIb Fuselage section Museum, inside May 2019  
ML407 Supermarine Spitfire T9 OU-V, G-LFIX Private Sep 2016  
MW401 Hawker Tempest II G-PEST, HA604 On rebuild Dec 2017  
N6545 DH Tiger Moth G-AMTV Private Apr 2019  
N9192 DH Tiger Moth II RCO-N, G-DHZF Private Sep 2016  
PP972 Supermarine Seafire LFIIIC N-11-5, G-BUAR Private Sep 2018  
R4972 DH Jackaroo G-AOIR Private Jun 2010 History
R5006 DH Tiger Moth G-ALIW Private Apr 2019 History
R5172 DH Tiger Moth II FIJE, G-AOIS Private Apr 2019  
T6056 DH Tiger Moth II Cockpit, G-AOES Museum, stored Feb 2007 History
T6562 DH Tiger Moth II G-ANTE Private Apr 2019  
T7109 DH Tiger Moth G-AOIM Private Apr 2019  
WG419 DHC Chipmunk T10 (PAX) Museum, inside May 2019 History
WH887 EE Canberra TT18 (N) 847 Museum, outside May 2016 History
WN904 Hawker Hunter F2 Q, 257 and 263 Sqn marks Museum, outside May 2019 History
WZ820 Slingsby Grasshopper TX1 Museum, stored Aug 2014 History
XD599 DH Vampire T11 A Museum, inside May 2019 History

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