Palam, India
Northern side of Indira Gandhi International Airport
28.574492, 77.117261
IAF Museum, Palam Road

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
FS787 NA Harvard IIB S, HT291 Museum Mar 2006  
KH342 Consolidated Liberator B-24J L, HE924 Museum Aug 2010  
MW848 Hawker Tempest II HA623 Museum Aug 2010  
SM986 Supermarine Spitfire FXVIIIe HS986 Museum Aug 2010 History
TZ219 Supermarine Spitfire XVIII IAF HS674 (composite with IAF HS683) Museum Aug 2019  
V9415 Westland Lysander IIITT 1589(CAF) Museum Aug 2010  
WV690 DH Vampire NF10 ID606 Museum Aug 2010 History
XH237 EE Canberra B(I)58 IF907 Museum Aug 2010 History
XK768 Folland Gnat F1 IE1059 Museum Aug 2010 History
Z7059 Hawker Hurricane I Wears 'AB832' Museum Jul 2015  

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