Auckland, New Zealand.
In the northern half of North Island

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
AJ864 NA Harvard II ZK-XII (Composite) Preserved  
AX756 Lockheed Lodestar G-AGCN Private  
AX866 Percival Gull 6 G-ADPR Preserved Mar 2016  
DZ542 DH Mosquito BIV Restoration Nov 2018  
ET482 Curtiss Kittyhawk IA ZK-RMH, 88, 'P11151/663' Private Mar 2016 History
EX944 NA Harvard III ZK-ENF Private History
EZ448 NA Harvard III ZK-END Private History
N6712 DH Tiger Moth ZK-AZQ Private History
N9254 DH Tiger Moth ZK-AQA Private History
N9405 DH Tiger Moth ZK-ASM Private History
PZ474 DH Mosquito FBIV Restoration Nov 2018  
T5555 DH Tiger Moth II ZK-AUT Stored History
T5759 DH Tiger Moth II ZK-AII Stored History
T5764 DH Tiger Moth II ZK-AIL Stored History
T5768 DH Tiger Moth II ZK-ANN Preserved History
T6245 DH Tiger Moth II ZK-BEN Private  
T7016 DH Tiger Moth II G-AMRM, ZK-BBI Private  
T7167 DH Tiger Moth II ZK-BEC Private  
XX657 SA Bulldog T1 U, ZK-WUF Private History

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