Demobbed Locations for Sweden by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Angelholm, Sweden (1)5 km N of town centre
Boras - Viared, Sweden (1)6 km WSW of Boras town
Ekeby, Sweden (1)3 km W of Eskilstuna
Falköping - Alleberg, Sweden (4)2 km E of the town
Halmstad, Sweden (1)2 km NW of the town
Karlskoga, Sweden (2)2 km NW of the town
Linkoping - Malmen airfield, Sweden (2)6 km W of Linkoping
Linkoping - Malmen museum, Sweden (3)6 km W of Linkoping
Ljungbyhed Airfield, Sweden (3)9 km SE of Klippan
Porjus, Sweden (1)6 km NNE of the village
Satenas, Sweden (2)27 km WSW of Lidkoping
Ska - Edeby, Sweden (2)18 km W of Stockholm
Stockholm - Arlanda, Sweden (4)32 km NNW of Stockholm
Stockholm - Barkarby, Sweden (1)15 km NW of the city centre
Sweden (6)
Uddevalla, Sweden (2)70 km N of Gothenbourg
Ugglarp, Sweden (3)22 km NW of Halmstad
Vallentuna, Sweden (1)23 km N of Stockholm
Vasteras - Hasslo, Sweden (3)5 km E of Vasteras town centre
Vasterhaninge, Sweden (1)24 km S of Stockholm

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