Demobbed Locations for Italy by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Aosta - St. Christophe, Italy (1)80 km N of Turin
Bevilacqua - Montagnana, Italy (1)40 km SW of Padova
Boscoreale - Restaurant, Italy (1)25 km ESE of Naples
Cameri - airfield, Italy (1)40 km WNW of Milan
Campagnano - La Celsetta, Italy (5)25 km N of Rome
Castello di Godego, Italy (1)29 km W of Treviso
Ceprano, Italy (1)1 km N of the town
Cerasolo (Cerbaiola di Rimini), Italy (1)8 km NE of San Marino
Decimomannu, Sardinia, Italy (1)20 km NW of Cagliari
Fiume Veneto, Italy (1)2 km SW of Zoppola
Grazzanise - barracks, Italy (1)1 km N of the airfield
Grosseto, Italy (1)110 km WSW of Perugia
Italy (7)
Milan - Volandia museum, Italy (2)40 km NW of Milan
Pisa - Technical School, Italy (1)260 km NW of Rome
Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy (1)22 km WNW of Modena
Rivolto, Italy (3)20 km SW of Udine
Rome - Guidonia, Italy (2)22 km ENE of city
Turin - Caselle, Italy (1)15 km N of the city centre
Udine - Instituto Tecnico, Italy (1)City in the very NE of Italy
Venice, Italy (1)
Ventimiglia area, Italy (1)A few kms off the coast in the Mediterranean Sea
Vermicino, Italy (1)7 km S of Rome
Verona - Technical Institute, Italy (1)3 km NNW of the town centre
Vigna di Valle, Italy (4)30 km NNW of Rome
Vigolzone, Italy (2)10 miles S of Piacenza

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