Demobbed Locations for Italy by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Aosta - St. Christophe, Italy (1)80 km N of Turin
Bevilacqua - Montagnana, Italy (1)40 km SW of Padova
Boscoreale - Restaurant, Italy (1)25 km ESE of Naples
Cameri - airfield, Italy (1)40 km WNW of Milan
Campagnano - La Celsetta, Italy (5)25 km N of Rome
Castello di Godego, Italy (1)29 km W of Treviso
Ceprano, Italy (1)1 km N of the town
Cerasolo (Cerbaiola di Rimini), Italy (1)8 km NE of San Marino
Decimomannu, Sardinia, Italy (1)20 km NW of Cagliari
Fiume Veneto, Italy (1)2 km SW of Zoppola
Grazzanise - barracks, Italy (1)1 km N of the airfield
Grosseto, Italy (1)110 km WSW of Perugia
Italy (7)
Milan - Volandia museum, Italy (2)40 km NW of Milan
Nepi, Roma, Italy (1)
Pisa - Technical School, Italy (1)260 km NW of Rome
Rivolto, Italy (3)13 miles SW of Udine
Rome - Guidonia, Italy (2)22 km ENE of city
Turin - Caselle, Italy (1)15 km N of the city centre
Udine, Italy (1)City in the very NE of Italy
Venice, Italy (1)
Ventimiglia area, Italy (1)A few kms off the coast in the Mediterranean Sea
Vermicino, Italy (1)7 km S of Rome
Verona - Technical Institute, Italy (1)3 km NNW of the town centre
Vigna di Valle, Italy (4)30 km NNW of Rome
Vigolzone, Italy (2)10 miles S of Piacenza

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