Demobbed Locations for Denmark by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Aalborg - Garnisonsmuseum, Denmark (1)3 km NW of town centre
Aarhus - Tirstrup, Denmark (2)4 km W of Tirstrup town
Copenhagen - Kastrup, Denmark (1)7 km SE of Copenhagen city centre
Denmark (3)The home of bacon
Egeskov Castle, Denmark (1)20 km S of Odense
Helsingor, Denmark (6)2 km WSW of town centre
Ringsted, Denmark (1)South East of the town
Sonderborg, Denmark (1)6 km N of the town
Stauning, Denmark (7)56 km N of Esbjerg
Vamdrup - Kolding, Denmark (1)3 km ENE of Vamdrup
Viborg, Denmark (1)4 km S of the town

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