Demobbed locations for Cambridgeshire by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Burwell (1)0.5 miles N of the town centre
Cambridge (13)3.3 miles E of city centre
Cambridge area (3)the area surrounding Cambridge
Conington (2)6 miles S of Peterborough
Croydon (2)5.6 miles NNW of Royston
Duxford (109)7.6 miles S of Cambridge
Gransden Lodge (3)6 miles ESE of St. Neots
Great Eversden area (1)6 miles SW of Cambridge
Houghton (1)2.1 miles WNW of St. Ives
Linton ATC (1)6 miles E of Duxford
Little Gransden (5)0.8 miles S of the village
Ramsey ATC (1)1 mile SSW of the town centre
Sibson Airfield (2)6.4 miles W of Peterborough
Upwood (2)6.7 miles NNE of Huntingdon
Upwood Gliding (1)Western edge of the village
Whittlesey - Gildenburgh Lake (1)4 miles E of Peterborough
Whittlesford (2)12 km S of Cambridge
RAF Wittering (9)3 miles S of Stamford
RAF Wyton (2)2.5 miles E of Huntingdon

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