Demobbed locations for Shropshire by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Bridgenorth area (1)Shropshire countryside
RAF Cosford DSAE (93)North of Cosford Airfield
RAF Cosford Museum (76)6 miles ESE of Telford
RAF Cosford Museum Store (14)Hangar 9, on the southern edge of Cosford Airfield
Donnington, Telford (1)2 miles N of Telford
Long Mynd (2)10 miles S of Shrewsbury
Rednal Paintball (1)Just off Rednal Airfield
RAF Shawbury (95)7 miles NNE of Shrewsbury
Sleap (6)9 miles N of Shrewsbury
Tong (1)5 miles E of Tong

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