Demobbed Overseas locations for Texas by Wolverhampton Aviation Group

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Amarillo MAP (1)3.6 miles S of Amarillo
Arcola - Houston Southwest Airport (1)19 miles S of Houston
Austin (1)75 miles NE of San Antonio
Breckenridge - Stephens County Airport (2)92 miles W of Fort Worth
Brownsville - South Padre Island Airport (1)128 miles S of Corpus Christie
Conroe - West Montgomery Airport (1)40 miles N of Houston
Crystal City (1)94 miles SW of San Antonio
Dallas - Addison Airport (2)13 miles N of Dallas city centre
Dallas - Love Field (1)5 miles NW of city centre
Denton Municipal Airport (1)3.8 miles W of Denton
El Paso - West Texas Airport (1)238 miles S of Albuquerque, New Mexico
Ellington Field (2)15 miles SE of Houston
Encinal - Jardin Ranch (1)105 miles SW of San Antonio
Fort Worth - Meacham Airport (1)5 miles N of Fort Worth
Fort Worth - Meacham Museum (3)4.75 miles NW of Fort Worth
Galveston - Scholes Field (2)45 miles SE of Houston
Granbury (1)0.3 miles N of the town centre
Harlingen (2)
Hondo Municipal Airport (1)1.5 miles NW of Hondo
Houston - Hobby Airport (2)8 miles SE of Houston
Houston - Hooks Memorial Airport (2)24 miles NW of Houston
Lubbock International Airport (1)258 miles WNW of Fort Worth
Midland - Odessa Airport (1)140 miles WSW of Abilene
Midland Airpark (1)2 miles N of Midland
Midlothian - Mid Way Regional Airport (1)26 miles SSW of Dallas
Monahans - Roy Hurd Memorial (1)37 miles SW of Odessa
Pampa (1)53 miles NE of Amarillo
Rhome - Fairview Airport (1)26 miles N of Fort Worth
San Antonio (1)1 mile NW of San Antonio IAP
San Marcos (2)27 miles SW of Austin
Tarrent County (1)Fort Worth area
Texas area (2)Large state in the south of the country
Wharton MAP (1)5 miles SW of the town
Wichita County (1)

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