SA Jetstream

XX475 SA Jetstream T2 Wears 'G-AWVJ', DARA marks G.I. Shoreham Airfield Jul 2016 History
XX476 SA Jetstream T2 CU-561 Museum, outside Hermeskeil, Germany Jun 2022 History
XX477 SA Jetstream T1 Fuselage Museum, outside Carlisle Museum Sep 2021 History
XX478 SA Jetstream T2 CU-564 Private Solihull College, Woodlands Campus Mar 2016 History
XX481 SA Jetstream T2 CU-560 Preserved Voorthuizen - Speelpark, Netherlands Apr 2022 History
XX483 SA Jetstream T2 Nose, 562 Museum, outside Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway Jun 2022 History
XX484 SA Jetstream T2 CU-566 G.I. Verona - Technical Institute, Italy Feb 2013 History
XX485 SA Jetstream T2 A-875 Stored Uruguay History
XX486 SA Jetstream T2 CU-567 Instructional Vilnius Technical Training, Lithuania Nov 2015 History
XX487 SA Jetstream T2 CU-568 Instructional Cardiff and Vale College, Vale of Glamorgan Sep 2021 History
XX490 SA Jetstream T2 A-876 Stored Uruguay History
XX491 SA Jetstream T1 K, 45 Sqn marks G.I. Shoreham Airfield Jul 2016 History
XX492 SA Jetstream T1 A, 45 Sqn marks Museum, inside Newark - Museum Jul 2022 History
XX494 SA Jetstream T1 B, 45 Sqn marks Museum, outside East Midlands Aeropark Sep 2021 History
XX495 SA Jetstream T1 C, 45 Sqn marks Museum, outside Doncaster - Museum Apr 2022 History
XX496 SA Jetstream T1 D, 45 Sqn marks Museum, outside RAF Cosford Museum Aug 2022 History
XX499 SA Jetstream T1 G, 45 Sqn marks Preserved, outside Wainfleet - Holiday Homes Jun 2021 History
XX500 SA Jetstream T1 H Private Pinewood Studios May 2011 History
ZA110 SA Jetstream T2 Fire Section Aberdeen - Dyce, Aberdeenshire Aug 2021 History
ZA111 SA Jetstream T2 CU-565 Dumped Predannack Jun 2021 History
ZE438 SA Jetstream T3 (F) N437UH Wreckage Iceland area, Iceland Apr 2017 History
ZE441 SA Jetstream T3 N437TH Stored Dunsfold Park Sep 2021 History