SA Bulldog

XX513 SA Bulldog T1 10, G-KKKK, RAFC marks Private Rufforth, York Jul 2016 History
XX515 SA Bulldog T1 4, G-CBBC, RAFC marks Private Blackbushe Apr 2019 History
XX516 SA Bulldog T1 A, N516BG, Bristol UAS marks Private Titusville - Space Coast Regional Airport Sep 2008 History
XX518 SA Bulldog T1 S, G-UDOG, Cambridge UAS marks Private Belgium Jun 2016 History
XX519 SA Bulldog T1 14, N518BD Private Milton Airport History
XX520 SA Bulldog T1 A, 9288M, EMUAS marks 172 Sqn ATC Haywards Heath Nov 2014 History
XX521 SA Bulldog T1 H, G-CBEH, Birmingham UAS marks Private North Moreton May 2019 History
XX522 SA Bulldog T1 06, G-DAWG Private Blackpool Airport Jul 2018 History
XX523 SA Bulldog T1 X, N523BD Private Pleasant Ridge History
XX524 SA Bulldog T1 04, G-DDOG Private La Axarquia, Malaga, Spain May 2019 History
XX525 SA Bulldog T1 03, N525UK, Glasgow UAS marks Private Kortrijk-Wevelgem, Belgium Oct 2013 History
XX526 SA Bulldog T1 C, N3014T Private Eugene - Mahlon Sweet Field Jun 2012 History
XX527 SA Bulldog T1 05, N527BD Private Wichita County History
XX528 SA Bulldog T1 D, G-BZON Private Earls Colne Jun 2016 History
XX529 SA Bulldog T1 08, N178BD Private Cheraw Municipal Airport History
XX531 SA Bulldog T1 G, F-AZLZ, Birmingham UAS marks Private Biscarrosse - Parentis, France Aug 2009 History
XX532 SA Bulldog T1 1, F-AZOB Private Chavenay - Villepreux, France Jun 2019 History
XX533 SA Bulldog T1 U, HA-TUI Private Kadarkut, Hungary May 2018 History
XX534 SA Bulldog T1 B, G-EDAV, Birmingham UAS marks Private Tollerton Nov 2017 History
XX535 SA Bulldog T1 $, F-AZOZ Private Berck, France Aug 2019 History
XX536 SA Bulldog T1 6, N433VB Private Fayette County History
XX537 SA Bulldog T1 C, G-CBCB, Yorkshire UAS marks Private Turweston May 2019 History
XX538 SA Bulldog T1 O, G-TDOG Private Shobdon Jul 2019 History
XX539 SA Bulldog T1 L, Liverpool UAS marks Stored, outside Derbyshire area May 2019 History
XX540 SA Bulldog T1 15, N540BD Private Gulf Breeze History
XX541 SA Bulldog T1 F, N9179C Private Bulloch County History
XX543 SA Bulldog T1 G-UWAS, wears 'XX625' Private Dornoch, Highland Jan 2020 History
XX544 SA Bulldog T1 01, N544BD Private Wilmington History
XX546 SA Bulldog T1 03, G-WINI Private Conington Jul 2016 History
XX547 SA Bulldog T1 AS0124, ex Armed Forces of Malta, fuselage Stored Luqa, Malta Nov 2019 History
XX548 SA Bulldog T1 06, C-FLBD Private Quebec City, Quebec, Canada History
XX549 SA Bulldog T1 6, G-CBID Private White Waltham Apr 2019 History
XX550 SA Bulldog T1 Z, G-CBBL Private Abbeyshrule, Ireland Nov 2013 History
XX551 SA Bulldog T1 E, G-BZDP Private MoD Boscombe Down Oct 2018 History
XX552 SA Bulldog T1 08, N1080V Stored Mount Pleasant - Faison Field May 2015 History
XX553 SA Bulldog T1 07, N415BD Private Barstow County History
XX554 SA Bulldog T1 09, G-BZMD Stored Thruxton Jan 2020 History
XX555 SA Bulldog T1 U, F-AZKJ Private St. Rambert d'Albon, France Sep 2014 History
XX556 SA Bulldog T1 M, N556WH Private Knox County History
XX557 SA Bulldog T1 (F) Stored, inside Paull Royal Armoury Sep 2018 History
XX558 SA Bulldog T1 A, F-AZOG Private Cognac, France Jun 2018 History
XX559 SA Bulldog T1 F, AZOD Private Lons-le-Saunier, France History
XX560 SA Bulldog T1 F, N560XX Private Cobb County - McCollum Field Jan 2019 History
XX561 SA Bulldog T1 7, G-BZEP Private Eggesford May 2013 History
XX562 SA Bulldog T1 18, N427VC Private Wilmington History
XX611 SA Bulldog T1 7, G-CBDK Private Coventry Airport May 2019 History
XX612 SA Bulldog T1 A, 03, G-BZXC G.I. Ayr College, South Ayrshire Apr 2019 History
XX614 SA Bulldog T1 1, G-GGRR Private Staverton Airfield Mar 2019 History
XX615 SA Bulldog T1 2, F-AZKI Private Cognac, France Jun 2018 History
XX616 SA Bulldog T1 F-AZRM Private Grenoble - Le Versoud, France Jul 2006 History
XX617 SA Bulldog T1 2, N25GA Private Charleston - Executive History
XX619 SA Bulldog T1 T, G-CBBW, Northumbrian UAS marks Private Coventry Airport May 2019 History
XX620 SA Bulldog T1 02, N621BD Private Cobb County - McCollum Field Jan 2019 History
XX621 SA Bulldog T1 H, G-CBEF Private Little Gransden Apr 2019 History
XX622 SA Bulldog T1 B, G-CBGX, Yorkshire UAS marks Private Shoreham Airfield Nov 2014 History
XX624 SA Bulldog T1 E, G-KDOG, Bristol UAS marks Private Bourne Park Jan 2020 History
XX625 SA Bulldog T1 U, 01, G-CBBR Private USA May 2009 History
XX626 SA Bulldog T1 02, W, G-CDVV Private Abbots Bromley Aug 2014 History
XX627 SA Bulldog T1 07, N321BD Private Whitman County History
XX628 SA Bulldog T1 09, G-CBFU, Bristol UAS marks Private Dargate, Faversham Nov 2001 History
XX629 SA Bulldog T1 V, G-BZXZ, Northumbrian UAS marks Private Turweston May 2019 History
XX630 SA Bulldog T1 5, G-SIJW, Liverpool UAS marks Private Audley End Jun 2019 History
XX631 SA Bulldog T1 W, G-BZXS Private Sligo, Ireland Apr 2005 History
XX632 SA Bulldog T1 A, N632BD Private Chandler - Memorial Airport Oct 2006 History
XX633 SA Bulldog T1 X, Northumbrian UAS marks Stored Kalmar, Sweden Apr 2019 History
XX634 SA Bulldog T1 T, RAFC marks Museum, inside Newark - Museum Feb 2019 History
XX635 SA Bulldog T1 N635XX Private Florida area Aug 2007 History
XX636 SA Bulldog T1 Y, G-CBFP, Northumbrian UAS marks Stored Netherthorpe, Rotherham Aug 2017 History
XX637 SA Bulldog T1 F, wears 'XX530' Museum, inside Long Kesh, County Antrim Nov 2019 History
XX638 SA Bulldog T1 G-DOGG Private Bourne Park Jan 2020 History
XX639 SA Bulldog T1 D, F-AZTF Private La Baule - Escoublac, France Jul 2019 History
XX640 SA Bulldog T1 K, N640RH Private Cheraw Municipal Airport History
XX654 SA Bulldog T1 3 Museum, inside RAF Cosford Museum Nov 2019 History
XX655 SA Bulldog T1 (C) Private Evesham area Apr 2018 History
XX656 SA Bulldog T1 C, Bristol UAS marks Stored, outside Derbyshire area May 2019 History
XX657 SA Bulldog T1 U, ZK-WUF Private Auckland, New Zealand. History
XX658 SA Bulldog T1 07, G-BZPS Stored Cambridge area Apr 2010 History
XX659 SA Bulldog T1 E, Yorkshire UAS marks Stored, outside Derbyshire area May 2019 History
XX661 SA Bulldog T1 6, N661BD Private Chambersburg Sep 2015 History
XX663 SA Bulldog T1 F-AZLK Private Biscarrosse - Parentis, France Sep 2012 History
XX664 SA Bulldog T1 04, F-AZTV Private Pontoise, France May 2011 History
XX665 SA Bulldog T1 (C) Private Thorpe Wood, Selby Dec 2017 History
XX666 SA Bulldog T1 N524SB Private Hershey Apr 2007 History
XX667 SA Bulldog T1 16, G-BZFN, RAFC marks Private Ronaldsway Airport Sep 2012 History
XX668 SA Bulldog T1 1, G-CBAN Private St. Athan, Vale of Glamorgan Aug 2016 History
XX669 SA Bulldog T1 B, 8997M, Birmingham UAS marks Museum, inside Doncaster - Museum Dec 2019 History
XX670 SA Bulldog T1 C, N50UP Private Deschutes County History
XX671 SA Bulldog T1 D Stored UNKNOWN Sep 2012 History
XX672 SA Bulldog T1 E, Birmingham UAS Museum, inside Asheboro Municipal Airport Feb 2019 History
XX685 SA Bulldog T1 11, N709AB Private Eagle County Feb 2002 History
XX686 SA Bulldog T1 N686XX, 5 Private Mesa - Falcon Field Oct 2015 History
XX687 SA Bulldog T1 F Instructional Cardiff and Vale College, Vale of Glamorgan Jan 2018 History
XX688 SA Bulldog T1 8, F-AZOA Private Lons-le-Saunier, France Dec 2016 History
XX689 SA Bulldog T1 D, N689BD Private Sullivan County History
XX690 SA Bulldog T1 A, Liverpool UAS marks G.I. Greenock, Inverclyde May 2010 History
XX691 SA Bulldog T1 AS0020, dumped at 35.850730, 14.471701 Wreckage Luqa, Malta Oct 2019 History
XX692 SA Bulldog T1 A, G-BZMH, Bristol UAS marks Private Wellesbourne Mountford Jun 2019 History
XX693 SA Bulldog T1 07, G-BZML Private Elmsett Jun 2017 History
XX694 SA Bulldog T1 E, G-CBBS, EMUAS marks Private Turweston Aug 2019 History
XX695 SA Bulldog T1 G-CBBT Private Perth, Perth and Kinross Apr 2015 History
XX696 SA Bulldog T1 AS0021, ex Armed Forces of Malta Stored Luqa, Malta Nov 2019 History
XX697 SA Bulldog T1 H, N697BD Private Scottsdale Municipal Airport Mar 2010 History
XX698 SA Bulldog T1 9, G-BZME Private Sleap Aug 2019 History
XX699 SA Bulldog T1 F, VH-XVE, Birmingham UAS marks Private Australia Nov 2012 History
XX700 SA Bulldog T1 17, G-CBEK, RAFC marks Private Thruxton Jul 2017 History
XX701 SA Bulldog T1 02, N701AB Private Indianapolis Metro Airport Jun 2005 History
XX702 SA Bulldog T1 π, G-CBCR, EMUAS marks Private Egginton Oct 2018 History
XX704 SA Bulldog T1 U, N706BD Private Palo Alto May 2004 History
XX705 SA Bulldog T1 5 Private Thorpe Wood, Selby May 2015 History
XX707 SA Bulldog T1 04, G-CBDS Private Caernarfon Airfield, Gwynedd Oct 2019 History
XX708 SA Bulldog T1 3, N708BD Private Tampa North Aero Park Mar 2010 History
XX709 SA Bulldog T1 AS0022, G-CLJC Private UK Sep 2019 History
XX711 SA Bulldog T1 X, G-CBBU Stored Perth, Perth and Kinross Oct 2014 History
XX713 SA Bulldog T1 2, N713Z Private Everett - Paine Field Sep 2013 History
XX714 SA Bulldog T1 AS0023, G-CLJD Private UK Sep 2019 History